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xuanxuan Apr 11

Ongoing infrastructure construction in China, efforts are also increasing, natural sand resources less and less, can not meet the rapid development of construction industry, roads and other projects, application of the sand making machine after the crushing process can replace natural sand used in construction, road construction and other projects, VSI Sand Making Machine power sand application booming development. Crushing is initially in the manufacturing process of brittle material, an important stage. With the rapid development of the contemporary social economy, various metals, non-metallic mineral and cement, chemical, building materials, such as social needs and increasing the scale of production, the crushed material quantity increase rapidly. Since the 90 s, the amount of material around the world each year after smashing reached more than 10 billion t G materials preserved annual production capacity has reached about 1.5 billion t in China, including iron ore ''stone of about 240 million t, color gold ore after more than 100 million t, more than 330 million t, non-metallic minerals chemical mineral o. 300 million t, 400 million t cement, building materials with limestone of more than 470 million t. These materials are through crushing, the vast majority of visible crushed process play an important role in the national economy. Grinding process of power consumption, steel consumption and raw material consumption is enormous. Only in non-ferrous gold scrap processing equipment factory, for example, crushing stage processing undressed ore the average power consumption per ton is about 16. Okw. J h, mill plant total electricity consumption accounted for about 40%. The key to consume an average of about L5k8 / t. To calculate. Non-ferrous metal ore dressing wide crushing power consumption alone every year only 1.6 billion kW. H, steel consumption of 150000 t. Therefore, saving energy and reducing consumption in this - field, can produce huge social benefit and economic benefit, has great and far-reaching significance, task is very urgent. In the field of Artificial Sand Making Machine | crushing engineering equipment attract the urgent request of saving energy and reducing consumption, in recent years, new sand making machine | crushing engineering machinery, appeared the situation of fierce competition. In the tide of competition, a lot of loud noise at that time the equipment cannot undergo the test of time, soon disappeared. Other equipment is stand out, in constant self-improvement and consolidated its position in the upgrade. Sixth create third create sand machine, sand machine is a high degree of automation, low operation cost, high broken rate, energy saving, large output, less pollution, easy maintenance, sand production mechanism sand conforms to the national building standards, product granularity, grain shape good, gradation and reasonable. Especially in the application of quartz, absolute advantage more play Sand Making Machine, also provide strong guarantee for the application of quartz, the future development. Tags: sand making machine | crushing engineering equipment is reviewed and prospected