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xuanxuan Apr 12

With the rapid development of economy at home and abroad, industry, construction industry has been rapid development. Sand and gravel used in construction industry aggregate also had a higher standard. Modern science and technology is very developed, the quality of VSI Sand Making Machine, production technology, functions and so on various aspects also calls for more and more strict, virtually prompted various machinery manufacturers to continuously reform and innovation efforts to develop efficient sand making machine products to meet the needs of industry, construction industry.

Traditional sand making machine than no more than 10, and the new system sand machine is of the broken ore by using the kinetic theory. Ore has kinetic energy and the quality of the ore is proportional to the relationship, both interaction in the process of crushing, basically do not have seen no crushed phenomenon. Traditional sand making machine is heavy, covers an area of large, thus safety coefficient is relatively low, the maintenance is not convenient. And new system sand machine dumped big clunky image, simple structure, operation has obvious reduction in power consumption, and energy conservation, environmental protection, favored by the majority of customers and praise. New system Artificial sand making process solves the problem of multi-usage, annular cascade feed system and lining board transformation, can realize stone hit stone, stone and inspiration while the iron is hot; Use of advanced hydraulic drive cover device makes crushing cavity replacement parts, convenient, convenient; Especially in the system of sand production in the original level 3 broken simplified as the secondary crushing, greatly simplifies the production process, thereby reducing the consumption of resources rights and benefits directly. & other; 11th five-year plan & throughout; Card method and the implementation of the planning, resources saving, will give top priority to conservation, efforts to improve the utilization rate of resources, from extensive to economical, build a suitable for the situation of China economic development road.

As the pillar industry of national economy, Silica Sand Crusher occupies an irreplaceable position. The demand of industry, construction industry has become increasingly promoted the implementation of the strategy of sustainable development, constantly to meet the new challenges and opportunities, we SBM heavy industry with new attitude to face, use technology and service to win customers.