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xuanxuan Apr 14

Infrastructure development cannot leave the concrete, cement and sand and gravel aggregate is made, and the material from stone crushing equipment of high quality, highly effective, commonly used in a Quarry Crusher, jaw crusher with the highest value, is to provide high quality for the urban construction of choice for application of broken equipment, for hard or hard material of broken, it can deal with, it has simple structure, convenient repair and maintenance of properties is the main factor to win the market.

How to eliminate these so-called & other; Question & throughout; , small make up for this sums up the following & other; Question & throughout; :

1, work clang, lining board jitter. This phenomenon is due to the crushing cavity side plate and more loose tooth plate (,), tighten the screw loose or rupture caused by, should tighten or replace in a timely manner.

2, after knee fracture frequently. After bracket in addition to the transmission power is depend on the strength of the shortage of the insurance. In addition to the central bracket intensity is low, its strength is not enough to overcome damage due to normal crushing force produced by crushing ore, may be too tightly on the lever spring, coupled with crushing force at work overload and fracture, can adjust appropriately loose spring.

3, crusher run idle, lower metal sound. The possible causes of has the following three aspects: (1) broken mobile jaw and fixed jaw teeth board sound, is caused by row ore mouth is too small. Plate (2) the thrust bearing or gasket in adjusting device in the crash, general is due to the pull rod buffer spring elastic disappear or damaged, or rotational spring pressure is not tight. (3) it is also possible that bracket bearing slider wear serious or relaxation, the bracket head wear.

4, flywheel swing dramatically, eccentric shaft rotation is slow. The fault system as part of the pulley and the flywheel key loose or damaged, can''t synchronous wheel and axle.

5, broken product granularity coarsens, this is the result of severe wear of broken plate bottom. Tooth plate should be up and down a transfer or replace a new lining board, adjust the row ore mouth to reach the requirements of the size.

6, the flywheel Quarry Crusher does not work. Reason is due to the damage of tie rod spring and pull rod, tie rod nut tripping bracket from bearing slider pull, can also be bracket broke off, and should be replaced to install.