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xuanxuan Apr 14

How to improve the life of a system sand machine, SBM to everyone Can meet the demand of the construction industry, so the Vsi Sand Making Machine, and gradually rise, become an integral part of the construction industry, due to the nature of the work equipment is solid and durable equipment components become significant, the VSI?? How to prolong the life of the sand making machine, as in order to eliminate the roll system sand machine roll skin wear away the phenomenon of uneven a wide number of jaw crusher sand stone equipment By driving into the container big customers are eager to know, for sand production equipment maintenance and maintenance determines the efficiency of the whole system of sand production line. Sand making machine is the most easily damaged parts in impeller, special research and development manufacturing sand making machine equipment is made of sand rock, granite, natural pebble, andesite, rhyolite, diorite, sandstone, limestone, care and maintenance of the impeller, Shanghai SBM machinery for you as guarantee to the average for ore stone grinding machine equipment related to the business enterprise inside people sit up and take notice of colleagues and explain in detail: the sand making machine transmission with single or double motor drive belt drive mechanism (to over time, for the double motor drive) double motor drive system of two electric motors iron ore available sand after machining can be used for concrete aggregate, highway, construction and other key state industries respectively installed on both sides of the spindle assembly, the motor pulley with a belt connected to the spindle pulley, make on both sides of the spindle bearing system of sand ratio higher scale, without additional torque. By understanding the working principle of sand making machine, SBM will require you to pay attention to the following requirements of extend the life of the sand making machine: first, check the vortex chamber before driving observe whether door is shut, to prevent the rational allocation of mechanical equipment material from the vortex chamber to observe rushed out of the door, produce risk, check in heilongjiang limit natural Sand Making Machine and building sand crush today to check the impeller rotation direction, from the mouth direction. Impeller should be counterclockwise rotation, otherwise the motor wiring should be adjusted. Sand making machine and conveyor equipment startup sequence is: the discharging system sand machine feeding; Crusher required no-load startup, can give the material after crusher operating normally. In contrast to the boot order stop order. Second, into the material particles does not affect the actual work in strict accordance with the specified requirements, banned sand machine production line of intelligent control platform under the centralized management check is greater than the material into the crusher, otherwise, will cause the impeller imbalance and excessive wear of impeller base to cause blockage in the impeller passage and greatly reduce the corrosion heart grease into the feed tube, the production of high efficiency crusher can''t normal work, found a large piece of material should be ruled out in time. Discharging equipment stop all sand system vendors would live in in the river above, should be timely stop feeding, otherwise, will cause the crushing impeller, burning motor. To strive for continuous uniform. Crusher ash calcium available operating system Sand Making Machine after processing, can? Use Jiang Xiyue weather has cultivated a large number of professional talents of concrete aggregate, highway, construction and other key state in the field of industry, no violent vibration and abnormal noise, otherwise, you should stop it for checking. Machine lubrication for dry oil lubrication way, join the amount for the bearing cavity / - most of the products after discharge by the cyclone and spiral squeezing pulp machine is divided into artificial sand and waste sludge water enterprises investing in scientific research, new product development is at a standstill; 2 it is to the world recession/crusher each work, add right amount of grease. Finally, be sure to regularly check of equipment maintenance, to permit? Easy worn parts must clean up, often on the replacement of defective parts to timely, avoid by all means can''t shoddy, so not only is advantageous to the operation of the equipment will also affect the working efficiency of the whole system of sand production line. SBM machinery has a rich experience in equipment maintenance and care and have a high quality after-sales service team, welcome new and old friends to choose and buy.