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xuanxuan Apr 21

Q: the impact of the development and production company what type Artificial Sand Making Machine series products, they all have what type?

Answer: at present, according to the demand of the domestic system of sand production market, the company''s foreign sales system sand the product have VSI series and VSI5X series two kinds, and with the different needs of customers for production product parameters, such as different requirements, therefore, is designed for each series of products of the company are the four different models for different users to choose from.

Q: in the sand production line, in addition to install impingement sand outside, still need to install the equipment?

Answer: general a complete crushing production line before and after the need a lot of kinds of equipment to connect, the sand production line is no exception. General system of sand production, the user wants to select production equipment, the first thing to understand is broken what are the types of materials, general hard materials in the broken broken, cannot leave the cone and the opposite is not necessary to use this kind of equipment. More hard granite mineral materials, for example, carries on the system of sand production, need to buy all the equipment has broken jaw broken, cone, impact type system sand machine, belt conveyor, vibrating screen, motor and ore transport equipment, the above equipment according to certain order, before and after the link, you can get a complete production line.

Q: the impactor system sand machine production in broken, startup sequence of the machine?

Answer: the impact of the general single type sand making machine starts, all the material need to row, then feeding, sand production equipment generally can be empty, so to no-load startup.

Q: system of sand production, the operation of the matters need attention have?

Answer: Sand Making Machine operation shall be carried out according to the following matters, first of all, the control of feed particle size and feed rate in a reasonable scope, and uniform feeding, to ensure production run smoothly; Second, the production line in the process of production, before the downtime, system of sand production line equipment downtime in order is roughly once upon a time in the future, this requires the user to remember; Again, the equipment before starting work, want to do a good job of lubrication and wear parts wear maintenance, to ensure production process smoothly; Finally, if the machine appeared in the process of production of violent vibration frequency, to stop the machine immediately to check.