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The administration of the PC and system foundation at Nikhef falls under the duty of the Computer Technology Department. They additionally add to the product for the enlistment and control frameworks of the instrumentation for the molecule finders.


The participation inside the universal system that Nikhef is a piece of expects data to be quickly and all inclusive open to all system members. In the course of recent years, vital commitments to the improvement of the Internet have been made inside the teach of subatomic material science. The most noteworthy is without a doubt the "development" of the World Wide Web in 1990 by a CERN representative in Geneva, Tim Berners-Lee. Nikhef worker Willem van Leeuwen portrays the contribution of Nikhef in the improvement of the www (PDF).

Network: giga information stockpiling

The noteworthy inclusion in the improvement of the Internet can even now be seen at Nikhef. Since 1996, Nikhef and SARA in Amsterdam have housed one of the biggest Internet trades in Europe. The AMS-IX has numerous members, including a substantial number of media transmission organizations and Internet specialist co-ops.

Nikhef is working with lattice figuring so it can transport and process huge amounts of information from the as of late appointed, new era atom smasher LHC at CERN, and deal with the capacity of information on a substantial scale.

PC foundation

At Nikhef, PCs are utilized for a wide assortment of purposes: from one viewpoint there are frameworks for managerial, specialized and logical utilize and then again frameworks for the mechanization of the instrumentation of molecule identifiers. More than 350 servers and desktops are associated with the interior system, of which about half keep running on Unix (Linux) and visit link about half on Windows frameworks.