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steel wood interior doors shall be preferentially 800mm*1980mm. The widths of other specifications are 700, 760, 900 and 1000mm, respectively, and the heights are 2000 and 2100mm respectively. In addition, manufacturers can also produce other special specifications of steel and wood indoor doors according to the needs of consumers. The door leaf thickness of steel wood interior door should be

greater than or equal to 38mm, the door or door thickness should be greater than or equal to 18mm.     two; steel and wood indoor door standard; 1. steel doors of wood indoor doors; steel wood doors should be chosen with a net thickness of not less than 0.50mm specifications; meet the requirements of GB/T 716 and GB/T 708 standard cold rolled steel sheet. The choice of 2. steel wood

interior door wood door frame and door or door hinge set cannot live day and death. The moisture content of wood is different in different areas and different months, generally should not exceed 14%, but the moisture content in high temperature region or high humidity month may be slightly larger, but it can not exceed the monthly average moisture content. A variety of artificial wood formaldehyde used in

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