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sandy Sep 12
New Jordans 2017 because the patent leather is more brilliant, AJ13 because the cat claw seems cartoon, AJ14 complex structure. AJ12 not the same, simple surface to the asymmetric design revealed Jieao tonality. I like AJ12 that season. If the MJ after three consecutive years than high school for three years, then the new one is a newborn, AJ11 witnessed the MJ back after the first full season, regain new, because the "new", so we are looking forward to see you this " New students "in the end how much tolerance, very stress Oh. AJ13 like the third year, Last Dance, the final dance of the season, after the end of the known to be scattered, graduation, so slightly sad. AJ12 is not the same, caught in the middle of the sophomore, the new students to adapt to the stage, there is no college entrance examination graduation pressure, so sophomore is the happiest time, you see MJ, to continue the championship, 50 big stars, double, scoring Okay Excellent performance.
To tell the truth, because really like this series of 2017 Air Jordan Shoes, from last year so far, Alternate I sent a pair of black and red AJ2 confiscated, the rest have accumulated, it was said that this is a spare tire color, the first year of the draft is now out "Get money", yes ah, but this is really the first year there is no There is no resistance to the color of the first year.This pair of royal blue suede AJ12 in the exposure I once thought it was PREM level of it, we expect is still a double ordinary models, Xiaoqing fortunately in the country is also tepid, the same is a discount price into the Jordan, for Jordan Brand is now perhaps the worst of times, and for us love AJ is the best time, earlier to introduce this pair of Air Jordan 12 Retro GS, today the network once again exposed a new set of plans and sales reminders The Shoes as a whole in white and gray as the tone, the details of the black embellishment, let it exudes a touch of beautiful feeling.
In front of this Kyrie 3 For Sale with peach and beige interpretation of the charm of the visual effects. The side of the cortex part of the traditional Chinese weaving lines to show, elegant among the trace of some ancient wind, it is heart. Red lined with the tongue of the two pick up the words add a little dynamic, it is never forgotten. Nike recently launched a "Air Jordan 12 GS Plum Fog" shoes, matte pink and white to create, shoes back and signs "trapeze" is also used to create a pink, "Jordan" and "23 "Is the white design, with gold lace buttons embellishment, so that the overall feeling more elegant.In the history of the Air Jordan series of shoes, pink is not much use, mostly for girls exclusive models, in the Air Jordan 12 this shoe, pink just right to appear, Tingke Hatfield will be girls in the high heels elements used in the This shoe design sketch, you really want to sigh Air Jordan 12 magic, this appearance itself is very rigid shoes actually have high heels elements, a closer look really is the same thing, now high heels and pink came One, if you are a girl, whether you love to wear sports shoes, see this pair of pink models of the Air Jordan 12 will certainly be moving to it.